Donation of a Study Room for the Foyer Mgr. Leen

The management of Emtel donated a fully-furbished “Study Room” to the Foyer Mgr Leen.

This Study Room will provide a quiet and conducive learning area and will help the children progress with their education. The children needed a study area to attend after-school coaching and private tuitions that will help them improve their academic performance. The Study Room is also connected with our high-speed Airbox Internet Connectivity, to enable both the teachers and children to make use of online materials and enhance their comprehension of subjects being covered. 

The “Study Room” was inaugurated on the 16th December 2016 in the presence of a group of Emtel staff, the management and children of the Foyer. On the same occasion, Emtel staff contributed to gifts and a Christmas Dinner for the children.

It has indeed been a few years now that a team of Emtel staff have been contributing towards an annual Christmas Dinner for the children of the Foyer. This shows the commitment of our staff towards social initiatives and active involvement in extra-curricular activities.  

Foyer Mgr Leen is home to 23 girls managed by the Société des Filles de Marie de Saint Denis. The Foyer celebrated its 60th birthday this December 2016 and has since its inception, provided children with shelter, food, education, affection, love and care so that they may develop physically, emotionally and psychologically.