World Environment Day at Emtel

It has become a tradition to celebrate the World Environment Day (WED) with our staff and stakeholders and this year’s 5th of June has been no exception. Through the various initiatives already accomplished and those which are in the pipeline, Emtel is noted to be in line with this year’s theme of “Connecting People to Nature”.

Our engagement towards the environment has been further enhanced by Emtel’s collaboration with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) and Mission Verte. It is worth pointing out that Emtel has previously organised several staff participative activities with the MWF at Ile Aux Aigrettes and with Mission Verte, a Talk on Environment Conservation was held beginning of this year. 

Our partnership with MWF comprised of “Conservation and Protection” of three endangered species namely Pink Pigeon, Aldabra Giant Tortoise and Ornate Day Gecko found on Ile Aux Aigrettes. This partnership will focus on education and awareness around these 3 endangered species, including an education pack and an activity tour on Ile Aux Aigrettes for Emtel staff. 

Our second collaboration consisted of support in the operations of Mission Verte’s recycling initiatives, including the placement of 2 bins at Emtel office for the collection of plastic, aluminium cans, paper and carton for recycling purposes. Staff were also encouraged to make use of these bins.

Moreover this year Emtel will also support Mission Verte on the 'Education and Awareness' campaign on recycling, in a total of 24 schools and institutions. This will be carried out through educational conferences and distribution of educational materials. 

The WED celebration was concluded with a “Clear Desk & Clean Office Day” held on 9th June for all Emtel offices. All staff were requested to clean up their offices.  All office desk bins were converted to only paper & plastic bins as from that day; hence ensuring more paper are recycled.