Emtel CSR: “Let’s Do It Mauritius” 2017 Campaign

Emtel, in collaboration with ANPRAS, officially launched the “Let’s Do It Mauritius” 2017 Campaign on 31st August at EmtelWorld, in the presence of Hon. Yogida Sawmynaden (Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation).

This campaign will span over the coming weeks with the main objective to combat illegal dumping while raising public awareness on the importance of protecting the environment for future generations.

On this occasion, several initiatives were launched namely:

>The TRASHOUT App which will be used to locate and report all illegal dumps. DOWNLOAD TRASHOUT APP

>The Let’s do it Mauritius Challenge which is the first national cleanup competition, is open from 1st to 30th Sept 2017 for various categories covering the whole population. (LDIM Website), & to further support this campaign a local activity

> “Let’s Clean Up Ebene” which was held on Friday 8th September.

This grand CleanUp activity saw the participation of over 150 volunteers including some 40 staff from Emtel, key stakeholders, organisations and residents of the Ebene region.

The half-day activity was coordinated by the Belle Verte team.