Our drop for a more sustainable future….

As part of our sustainability initiatives, a river-clean up activity was scheduled on Thursday, 25th October 2018. This initiative is aimed to endeavour collaborative efforts to engage communities, as well as promoting and creating ongoing awareness and education on protecting our water resources/ rivers.

50 team members of various departments assembled with allegiance, passion, great zeal and fervor to clean up Riviere Seche and its tributaries situated at Belle Rose. The area alongside the embankment is a beautiful stretch of riverside with scenic views and is a great place to visit and enjoy. However, a totally different world awaited us.... litter everywhere! The river turned into a garbage dump, a pigsty and a cesspool of unhealthy plants, plastic and rubbish.

In less than 3 hours, more than 70 bags full of debris including bottles, cans, paper, tyres, batteries, nappies and general waste were collected and disposed.

The afternoon was very successful and the opportunity to serve at this event was most certainly worthwhile and fulfilling. This activity enhanced team spirit with a strong sense of duty to keep our surroundings safe and clean. Moreover, it was wonderful to see that our riverside, had been restored to a site of beauty.

We look forward to being part of the next clean-up doing our small part to be better stewards of the Mother Earth.