Lagoon Directory by Anantara and Reef Conservation

As part of Currimjee Hospitality's close collaboration with the local NGO REEF Conservation and supported by Currimjee Foundation, a unique and visual Coastal Lagoon Directory of the Blue Bay Marine Park has been exclusively created for the guests of Anantara Iko Mauritius Resort & Villas.

This Directory is part of a series of initiatives focusing on sustainability and protection of our oceans that will be conducted by REEF Conservation based on the MOU signed with them.

The hotel guests already have access to a detailed information board about the Marine Park on their way to the beach at the resort, a comprehensive explanation of sand dunes in the hotel library while the younger guests have access to a number of educational games and information on the lagoon at the Dodo's Nest Kids club at the resort.

Dinesh Burrenchobay, MD of Iko (Mauritius) Resort Village Ltd, commented, "REEF Conservation and the Currimjee Foundation have been very supportive of our objective to sensitize the hotel guests, team members and the local community about the need to protect, preserve and care for our oceans, a crucial part of our ecosystem."

Download the attached PDF and discover more on " Coastal Lagoon Directory".