CSR - Solaris National Cancer & Health Day

As part of its CSR programme of 2016, Emtel has partnered with Solaris to organise the National Cancer & Health Day planned on 26th & 27th March 2016 in Flacq Centre, in the context of the Cancer Awareness Month for 2016 (February). The cheque remittance ceremony was held on 10th March 2016 at EmtelWorld, in the presence of Emtel’s CEO Mr. Teddy Bhullar.
About Solaris

Solaris regroups professionals from different sectors. Founded in 2010, this NGO is involved in various social projects, including initiatives related to poverty alleviation, youth leadership programmes and health care. Since 2012, Solaris has invested much effort in the fight against cancer; one of the highly praised Chemotherapy Unit was indeed set up by Solaris at the SSRN Hospital, for the treatment of cancer patients. Solaris has today forged a strong reputation of being one of the leading NGOs engaged in the cancer cause.

The Flacq Centre

Solaris aims at welcoming the members of the public on these two days in Flacq Centre.

This is a first-ever health event in Mauritius where public and private stakeholders of the health sector will be present to provide free medical services and advice to the public. The Emtel Sustainability Team members have followed a half-day awareness session on Cancer and they will be supporting Solaris during the main event.

You are all invited to attend and participate in this National Cancer & Health Day, on Saturday 26th (10:00hrs – 16:00hrs) and Sunday 27th (10:00hrs – 14:00hrs) March 2016 in Flacq Centre.