Emtel CSR: La Caravane De Dood

Emtel has collaborated with the Mauritius Red Cross Society (MRCS) for “La Caravane De Dood” held in April 2016.

This partnership consists of providing the NGO with mobile devices (Tablets & Modem) with Emtel connectivity. The donation ceremony was held on 30th March 2016 at EmtelWorld, in the presence of Emtel’s CEO Mr. Teddy Bhullar.

Established in 1973, the Mauritius Red Cross Society (MRCS) is a member of the Mauritius Council of Social Service (MACOSS), the National Disaster Committee and the National Humanitarian Law Committee. It is also a founding member of the PIROI (Plate-forme d’Intervention Régionale pour l’Océan Indien) for national disasters and epidemics in the Indian Ocean islands. This non-profit organization is committed to “Ensuring Community Resilience”.

The main goals of the MRCS include reducing the impact of disasters in Mauritius and Rodrigues and promoting a healthier population overall. Extensively trained in the areas of emergency preparedness, the MRCS also offers first aid classes, meal assistance and more to those in need.

“La Caravane de Dood” will be moving to 7 different places over the week across the island. The main aim is to sensitize the population on first-aid gestures, road safety and risks of natural disasters. Emtel’s members of the First-Aid Team will participate as Facilitators.

You are all invited to participate during the week across the island.