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Foresight, Integrity, Responsibility, Passion, Openness
Lead Executive
Job Overview
Closing Date: 11 février 2021


We are a not-for-profit company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Currimjee Limited set up to promote entrepreneurship and innovation to achieve meaningful social impact. Our ambition is to develop a new and inclusive partnership model which will add to the Mauritian social entrepreneurship eco-system.

We are looking for a Lead Executive to drive this project.

Key Responsibilities of the Lead Executive will be to:

• Build an agile and adaptive structure to operationalize our vision.

• Oversee the evolution of each pipeline project and develop strategies for scaling impact.

• Design and implement a robust communications strategy to promote the purpose and objectives of the company and build its brand equity with stakeholders.

• Develop a collaborative network of strategic partners and mentors.

• Support fundraising initiatives for selected projects.

The candidate’s CV should demonstrate:

· Interest and involvement in social impact initiatives.

· Entrepreneurial skills having led to the creation of start-ups/NGOs and a record of having successfully raised funds. 

· Experience in designing and executing programs, managing teams and collaborating with multiple stakeholders.

· The ability to inspire and influence action across public and private sectors.

If you are interested to join this new and exciting venture, please send your CV and motivation letter to by 11 February 2021.

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