Group structure

The Group’s business activities are organised under Currimjee Limited and seven distinct clusters, all of which are helmed by the Chairman, Anil C. Currimjee. In carrying out our activities, we are diligent about balancing the interests of all our stakeholders equally. This is dependent on us adhering to strong principles of governance and high ethical standards at all times, supported by an effective organisational structure.


The Group’s five strategic clusters - Telecoms, Media & IT (TMIT), Real Estate, Tourism & Hospitality, Commerce & Financial Services, Energy - are grouped under Currimjee Jeewanjee and Company Limited and helmed by the Managing Director, Anil C. Currimjee.


The other two clusters are grouped under Currimjee Industries Limited, with Ashraf M. Currimjee (Managing Director) heading the Home & Personal Care cluster, and Azim F. Currimjee (Managing Director) heading the Food & Beverages cluster alongside Raffi Currimjee (Deputy Managing Director).