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Posted on 13 May 2022 blink by Emtel - A revolutionary mobile payment app
Enabling transactions in the blink of an eye! Contactless, instant, secure and approved by the Bank of Mauritius, blink is a mobile app launched by Emtel on the 12th of May.

Emtel launches blink, a revolutionary mobile payment app with countless possibilities!

Enabling transactions in the blink of an eye! Contactless, instant, secure and approved by the Bank of Mauritius (BoM), blink is a mobile app launched by Emtel on the 12th of May. It allows users having a Mauritian bank account to make digital payments using any mobile network through a smartphone or a tablet (connected to wifi or mobile data). blink is an App for EVERYONE – whether in Mauritius, Rodrigues or Agalega.

“blink is a good example of the continuing innovation strategy of Emtel through effective and pragmatic solutions. This app allows transactions directly from one’s local bank account(s), on any smartphone or tablet, through any network, anywhere, instantly in a most secured manner. This is applicable for all banks linked to the Bank of Mauritius IPS platform and allowing debits and credits. blink allows users to be in control of their time, money and transactions. By linking their bank account (s) on blink, consumers can instantly and conveniently send money to any bank account, receive money, make payments, pay all utility & online bills, recharge or top up mobile and broadband credits, set usage limits amongst others – all this in a safe manner. Money is paid from and received directly in users’ bank account at all times. There is no need for creating and maintaining any other account other than your bank account”, says CEO of Emtel, Kresh Goomany. The app can also be used when you are abroad provided you have a wifi/data connection. One has access to a history of all transactions and the app also allows to define payees and billers so as to make it even easier for repeated payments as one need not enter the bank details/scan QR codes each time.

blink, one app for all your bank accounts

blink is available for download on App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery, and it provides a pleasant user experience while also ensuring convenience for businesses with a low-cost acquiring platform. Payments can be done by scanning ANY registered MauCas QR code or by paying to the mobile number of the person using blink or by paying directly to any bank account.

“blink will certainly benefit businesses and will help them to grow as it broadens their scope to accept payments from any customer banking with any bank in Mauritius. The app allows merchants to provide offers, rewards, and discounts on payments through blink. By using blink, not only digital payments become more affordable to businesses, but businesses also benefit from having money directly reaching their bank account – limiting the risk and exposures of handling cash. To further bolster easy digital connection, this app provides instant notifications on all transactions and boasts a 24x7 service. A secured self-onboarding platform will allow merchants submit their applications and documents online. The platform will also host a live dashboard with Real-time transaction monitoring, allow easy reconciliation with daily transaction reports and monthly statements.

Another unique characteristic of this app is that it also has a news section, where users can stay tuned on the important happenings in Mauritius.

At the forefront of technological advancements and market needs

With this user-friendly app, Emtel is fully committed to help Mauritius move towards a cashless economy. Kresh Goomany, CEO of Emtel says: “blink has been designed with the goal of making payment services accessible to everyone in Mauritius in an easy, fast & secure, and reasonable manner, regardless of whom they bank with and where they transact. This application has cutting-edge and innovative features, thus embracing Emtel’s philosophy, which is constant innovation. Ever since our beginnings 33 years ago, we have strived to bring in innovation and adjust our services to meet the market needs. The products and services we have introduced in Mauritius speak for themselves - from the first mobile operator in Mauritius in 1989, the first 3G in Africa, the first 4G in Mauritius, the first of its kind data centre in Mauritius, the first high speed plug and play internet service just to name a few.

There will be upgrades to the app in the future, with even more technological and lifestyle features. “At Emtel, we strongly believe that you should be able to enjoy all the wonders that fintech has to offer - in the blink of an eye! And blink does just that”

The launch event in Ebene was attended by representatives of the Bank of Mauritius, esteemed partners, Currimjee Group, and team members of Emtel.


More info, please visit: https://blink.emtel.com/