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Posted on 17 Sep 2021 World Clean Up Day 2021: Becoming Part of the Solution

“There is no planet B.” World Cleanup Day is a reminder that we all need to work together to build the solutions that will keep our world waste-free for a greener future. At Currimjee Jeewanjee, we are conscious of the deleterious consequences of pollution on the environment and have pledged to be part of the solution for a better tomorrow, for almost a decade. 

For instance, in 2020, 17.2 tons of paper, 14.8 tons of Electronic, and 181 kg of plastic were recycled from our business operations and, since the launch of the Emtel national E-waste programme in 2019, more than 6 tons of e-waste collected from the community has been recycled.

In line with our commitments towards sustainability and the environment, a set of activities were organised during this week as part of our World Cleanup Day celebration. Cleanup activities in collaboration with the NGO Precious Plastic Mauritius were organised at La Citadelle, La Cambuse Beach, Ebene Cybercity and Rodrigues, with a total of 460 kg of waste collected. An awareness webinar on plastic waste upcycling was also conducted by the NGO Precious Plastic Mauritius for our employees.

As we all pitch in to help, we encourage everyone to take even the smallest actions to create a waste-free world.

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