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Posted on 03 Mar 2022 Launch of Friends of Mauritian Wildlife
Press meet for the launch of Friends of Mauritian Wildlife

This 3rd of March 2022, as we are celebrating the World Wildlife Day, the Mauritian Wildlife
Foundation and Emtel have great pleasure to present the Friends of Mauritian Wildlife, a club which
has as objectives to instill interest in all aspects of wildlife and habitat conservation, promoting
Mauritian Wildlife Foundation’s projects, providing education and participative support initiatives
and sensitizing eco-conscious citizens.

The Friends Club makes it possible for members of the public to be part of our great conservation adventure. It has been created as a response to the growing interest of the public for the protection of the environmentand the preservation of our endemic species. What happened in 2020 reinforces this belief: Mauritian citizensdisplayed a high level of concern and involvement when Mauritius faced its first major oil spill.

Though being more environmentally conscious, Mauritians however, do not necessarily know their endemic species well. The Club has set itself the mission to strengthen the public’s knowledge of conservation and environmental issues that our country faces, so that each citizen becomes a wildlife ambassador.

For Tim Taylor, President of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, launching the Friends project is a key milestone for the organisation. "One of our main missions is to help Mauritians to know about our endemic species and protect them. The best way is to have an immersive experience and that's what Friends is all about."